Monica Boyle

Monica Boyle was born in Glasgow. She  has lived in lived in West Cork in Ireland since 1990. Monica graduated from the pilot BA programme in Visual Arts on Sherkin Island in 2010 and now divides her time between teaching and exhibiting. Soon after graduating she was commissioned by Cork county Council to make an installation at Fort Camden in Cork. She was also invited to exhibit at the European Parliament in London. Monica’s fascination with the sea and with shorelines, piers and bridges is clearly evident in her paintings and she has produced whole series of work based on these subjects – piers in particular. However, her work is also about the sensuality of paint; its physicality, texture and smell, the way it smudges and smears. Her working process often involves flooding the paintings with layers of dilute paint to introduce an element of chance and accident, applying the paint and washing it off again to see what’s left behind. This also gives the works a patina and makes it difficult to place in time. Monica is also concerned with the fact that a finished painting documents the process and progress of the work. In other words, every mark that the artist makes is recorded in the finished product, as though set in concrete Most of her work is landscape-based with much of it centred on the islands of West Cork. The atmosphere of the islands has a timelessness that seeps into her paintings. The paintings are also quite ‘tonal’ and can be traced back to her Scottish origins and the Scottish fascination with the ‘gloaming’ – the transition between day and night. Her work explores the interface between land and sea, the past and present, absence and presence, the real and the imagined. She continues to exhibit in Ireland and the U.K.

GUIDE PRICES – £450 – £5,000