Brian Ballard

Born in Belfast in 1943, Ballard trained at the Belfast College of Art before continuing his training at the Liverpool College of Art. Although living in Belfast, the artist spends long periods of time residing on the picturesque island of Innisfree, off the coast of Donegal. Choosing to paint mainly simple scenes of still life or landscapes, Ballard inspired by his response to everyday objects such as a vase of flowers, an iron or a figure. Perhaps the most striking feature of Ballard’s work is his intense use of colour which vibrantly illuminates the canvas. Decisive brushstrokes in strong, contrasting hues dominate the canvas. Through his technical abilities with both the paintbrush and palette knife, the artist creates energy within the composition by portraying multiple textures throughout. Form and colour are expressed in a most balanced harmony in his work. GUIDE PRICES – £4,500 – £12,000


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