Cloe Cloherty

Born of Irish parents in 1964, Cloe graduated from Goldsmith’s College, London with a degree in Fine Art and History of Art. Prior to working full time as an artist, Cloe spent time travelling abroad where she worked on film sets. This led to a spell as a scenic artist on productions including Indiana Jones, Batman and Hamlet. The two main subjects that Cloe deals with are landscapes and nude drawings and oil studies. Although using very different techniques, they aim to do the same thing – to capture a ‘moment’ without losing the immediate intensity of a fleeting glance and with an innate knowledge of the subject. In her landscapes, Cloe draws on the Irish countryside and coastline and is inspired by the West Coast and Donegal. She applies bold thick strokes of paint to the canvas using a palette knife, which further enhances the energy, intensity and beauty of her images. Her nude studies are an expression of the human spirit, a response to the human condition in all its forms; soulful, solitary and brooding. She always works from life, as it is the dynamic of working with the model that feeds the emotional concentration. Cloe paints with great passion retaining the vitality and engaging with the energy of the model through her own enthusiasm.

“My paintings are an emotional expressive evocative response to the savage beauty, ever changing light, colour and atmosphere of the places I paint. I try to absorb the scenes before me with all my senses. The visual delight of a transient mist enveloping the cliffs and beyond. To become saturated and soaking wet, while standing still drinking in the landscape before me – when it isn’t even raining! The air is thick with moisture magically shifting flowing over all in its path. The beauty and dramatic shifts in light, mood and form make it difficult not the believe in a higher being – Cloe Cloherty

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