High Standards from Barbara Stanley – Art and Antiques by Carol Cordrey


Art and Antiques by Carol Cordrey

in the Notting Hill and Holland Park August 2014 Edition – High Standards from Barbara Stanley

Barbara Stanley has been long established as a figurehead of Contemporary Irish Art and in July and August she will be presenting an array of paintings that demonstrate the high standard of work she sources for the London market

The Mixed Group Summer Exhibition will focus on painters such as Margaret Egan whose compelling landscapes and portraits are painted with a soft, subdued palette that serves to intensify the undercurrent of emotion that Egan injects into them. Last year, Comhghall Casey’s self-portrait was selected for the prestigious BP Portrait Award, a fine example of this artists excellent skills in painting people and objects in a hyper-realist style. A looser, more modern approach to the handling of paint is the hallmark of Cormac O’Leary whose atmospheric landscapes and seascapes demand the viewers attention. Rose Stapleton has a gift for making a simple piece of china or an interior seem very dramatic through her clever tonal work and subdued lighting effects. For portraiture created in the most impressive way and inspired by the old masters, look no further than the amazing Ken Hamilton – Mixed Group Summer Exhibition: 1-14 August, at the Barbara Stanley Gallery

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