Ken Hamilton

Hamilton trained at the University of Ulster, the Art College, Belfast, where he rejected many of the trends of so-called contemporary art in search of some of the ancient values of painting now discarded by so many. Finding no-one to teach the science and craft of painting Ken spent a considerable amount of time researching the techniques, mediums and pigments of the old masters. He spent three years in succession copying in the Louvre, Paris; to experience at first-hand what no book nor teacher could never impart… that is, to stand day after day in the space before a masterpiece where the master himself stood and let the painting be the tutor. His paintings do not openly deal with the angst of the artist’s own soul or with the ‘human condition’ but rather seem to be a celebration of the visual pleasures of the world in which we live.

By pointing towards these pleasures he is also reminding us of their fleeting nature, not to create in us a sense of despair but so that we may savour the moment and enrich our lives by taking our time and drawing our attention to them.

It is now over twenty years since Ken Hamilton first exhibited and throughout that period his paintings have gained a growing audience of admirers and collectors and have always been in demand. Having regularly exhibited in Belfast and Dublin he has also exhibited in London and New York with equal success.

“This is as close as one can ever get to being taught by the great masters. Here one is able to observe the qualities of the paint and brushwork, to analyse the composition and totally saturate oneself in the subtleties of the original non-reproduction tones and colours. In Ingres I admired the monumentality of the single figure, his ability to take a portrait beyond a likeness and his flawless unseen brushwork. I hope that elements of these and perhaps other artists filter through into my own work but more so that the eternal and timeless qualities I admire will be conveyed. I want my paintings to be contemporary and also timeless; realistic yet representing an unreal world; almost touchable but totally beyond our reach; as plain as day but still mysterious. “– Ken Hamilton

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