Philip Lindey

Philip Lindey was born in Rochdale in 1968, to Irish parents who relocated back to Ireland a year or so later. In 1992, Philip graduated from the National College of Art in Dublin and continued studying with a Masters degree from University College Belfast.
Lindey first appeared in London at the Albemarle gallery where his work attracted extraordinary interest and he has been regularly exhibiting at the Barbara Stanley Gallery ever since.
The humour in Lindey’s work is unique and stands in contrast to the more sombre subjects dealt with by other artists. His work sets him apart from many other painters in Ireland not least because it is figurative, with a strong cerebral quality, beautiful technical detail and an off-kilter humour.
His portraits are clearly not accurate portrayals of particular individuals, yet they capture the spirit, the essence of the persons portrayed, leaving the viewer with a sense of having encountered these colourful characters in everyday life.
He has exhibited widely in Ireland and internationally.
“For me absurdity is an important element to find in the work. If I find I usually feel like it’s a kind of centre point to have the rest of the work spin around. It tends to be the axle for a lot of how the other elements in the work get on with each other.” – Philip Lindey

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