Weekend Course – A history of Irish Art at the V&A

King George V, Accompanied by Queen Mary, at the Opening of the Modern Foreign and Sargent Galleries at the Tate Gallery, 26 June 1926 1926 Sir John Lavery 1856-1941 Presented by the executors of the estate of the Hon. Mrs Dorothy Rose Burns 1987

A History of Irish Art at V&A

Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th March 2018

Ireland’s rich social and cultural heritage has been explored for millennia through the medium of art. Although most well-known for its contribution to the written word, this course will demonstrate the unique and fascinating history of Ireland’s artistic treasures. From the Stone Art of Newgrange to the work of Jack B. Yeats, the artworks and objects discussed will provide a window into Ireland’s distinctive cultural identity. Supported by contextual and historical information, this course will trace the history of Irish art from c.3300 BC to the present day. Covering a range of historical objects, paintings, manuscripts and sculptures, it will also explore Ireland’s contribution to the wider art world including who coined the phrase the “white cube”. With special guest speakers Barbara Stanley, from The Barbara Stanley Gallery of Irish Contemporary Art, and Irish artist Margaret Egan.

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